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BACP - How much supervision per month?

I am Accredited with the BACP as an individual and group supervisor. I am an approved supervisor for trainees at Metanoia.

I hope that you will find our supervisory relationship supportive of your work and development. My collaborative approach involves working together so as to understand therapeutic relationships and to assist you in meeting the needs of clients. You are welcome to contact me between sessions with supervisory related concerns.

Individual Supervision

supporting your counselling work and your development

I find that supervision is most effective when there is a trusting, warm and respectful relationship between supervisor and supervisee. It is important that you feel at ease to be self reflective and to explore your work openly.

During supervision we talk about your therapy relationships. For example you may be experiencing a sense of connection or distance with a particular client. We work with anything that is blocking you from being fully present with clients and from being accepting, empathic and genuine. Examples are personal issues, difficult client material, sexual attraction and cultural differences.

We try to see how things are from the client's perspective and from your own. Dilemmas can occur and we carefully consider what is most therapeutic and ethical in these situations. We also discuss counselling theory and how it relates to your practice.

Whether you are at the beginning of your counselling career or you are an established practitioner, I hope you will find that the supervision I offer is in tune with your level of understanding and experience whilst facilitating your professional development.

  • Exploring your work with clients / supervisees

  • Your own self care

  • Developing self-awareness, self-trust and self-acceptance

  • Considering relevant reading and workshops

  • Having reviews when helpful and discussing assessments that are required by your college.

  • Working towards BACP Accreditation

  • Supporting your work and private practice

  • Group Supervision

    'Supervision can be a place where a living profession breathes and learns' Hawkins & Shohet

    I enjoy the vibrancy of group supervision. There is such opportunity for participants to share and learn from each other whilst benefiting from the supervisor’s input. The group experience is a chance to discover more about yourself both personally and professionally.

    A supervision group is usually for up to four participants, it could be held at my private practice in Stanmore or at another venue. You are welcome to contact me if you would like to discuss having group supervision.

    BACP - How much supervision per month?

    Recommendations and requirements

    Therapists often ask me how much supervision they are supposed to have. The BACP recommendations are as follows:

    Qualified Counsellors

    One and a half hours a month is the minimum. If this is not enough time for you to explore all your client work then increase the amount of time to what you need.

    Trainee Counsellors

    One and a half hours a month is the minimum
    One hour of supervision for every eight hours of counselling
    It is recommended that you see your supervisor twice a month

    Group Supervision

    Group supervision can be included as follows:

    If there are four or less people in the group you can count half of the time. For example two hours of group supervision counts as one hour.

    If there are five or more people in the group, divide the amount of time by the number of participants. For example in a group of five people two hours of supervision counts as twenty four minutes.

    For BACP Accreditation the minimum amount of supervision is a requirement rather than a recommendation.

    This information is taken from the BACP website where you can also find relevant information sheets.

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