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Welcoming individuals, couples and families I offer daytime and evening appointments.

Individual counselling for adults

Time and space for you

I hope that you will feel a sense of connection with me and that you will be comfortable enough to talk about whatever matters to you. I believe that we all know ourselves better than anyone else can, so I do not try to direct clients or to impose my views. I am interested in how you experience your issues and how situations and relationships impact you.

Speaking with a professional counsellor who is interested and attentive without judging or telling you what to do is often healing. Counselling can also help you to pay attention to yourself, making it easier to get to the root of your distress and to gain greater clarity regarding what you want and need.

You may wish to work with your emotions and moods, reach decisions, improve your relationships and address your anxiety, stress and depression. Perhaps you would like to work with issues relating to your past or to deal with difficulties that you are facing now. As a Person-centred counsellor I hope to provide a therapy relationship that is empathic, healing and psychologically growthful. You may find yourself reaching fresh insights, becoming more confident and discovering new ways forward.

Individual counselling for Teens

Support without judgment

The teenage years are a time of physical and psychological change. You may be tackling questions such as: Who am I? What do I want in life? How do I fit in with my friends and family?

Perhaps you experience intense feelings such as anger, sadness, loneliness, embarrassment, shame, anxiety, worthlessness and love.

Pressures can come from various sources including family breakdown, bullying, abuse, alcohol and drugs, exams, becoming independent, finding employment and the online environment. There are messages from the media (sometimes conflicting) about how to look and how to dress. For some people there are pressures to engage in sexual activity before feeling ready.
Life can feel worrying, stressful, desperate and out of control.

Counselling is an opportunity to speak with a professional about anything that is distressing, confusing and difficult to cope with. You may choose to have a few counselling sessions to help get through a hard time or you might benefit from long term support.

Individual counselling for children

Children can express themselves in a gentle and accepting atmosphere

Counselling can be very helpful when children are feeling unhappy, anxious, confused and angry. Sometimes a child's behaviour is an indication of their distress, for example frequently being in trouble at school, and a general loss of enthusiasm and interest. Children who are experiencing life changes such as bereavement, illness and parental divorce, can find it easier to adapt with the support of a professional counsellor.

Whilst it is important to encourage children to talk about their feelings young children might find this difficult. Through creative play such as puppets and art materials, children can express themselves in their own way and we can work with the issues that are troubling them.

In my experience, children who are willing to meet with me are most likely to benefit from their therapy sessions. If you are wondering how to suggest counselling to your child we can discuss this in a telephone conversation.

Some children prefer to see me alone whilst others feel more comfortable if a parent is with them. I also work with parent and child together, when there are problems between the two of you.

Couples and Family Relationships

Communicating with each other in a safe environment

When there are problems in our relationships we can experience distress, anxiety and anger. Speaking with each other openly can be difficult due to the underlying tensions and a loss of trust. Sometimes couples realise that they have drifted apart and are seeking a greater sense of companionship and fulfillment within their relationship.

Working with a qualified counsellor can help you to identify and address the causes of your difficulties and to understand each other's feelings and perspectives. You can also improve upon how you communicate your views and emotions with each other.

I counsel people with various cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Tensions sometimes arise between couples and within families. for example when children chose to marry someone of a different culture and faith and when children wish to live differently from their cultural and religious or non religious upbringing. Such situations can be distressing for children, parents and couples. Counselling provides an opportunity to understand each others distress and to work with the issues.

Some of the areas that couples work with in counselling

* Financial issues

* Not trusting each other

* Unfaithfulness

* Wanting to improve communication between you

* Arguing and Violence

* Issues between siblings

* Childlessness, abortion, miscarriage, a child's death

* Pressures affecting your relationship eg work & money

* Family pressures eg parent's expectations and needs

* Cultural and religious differences

* Time pressures, not having enough hours in a day, feeling stretched

* Making time for each other

* Underlying problems eg health and addictions

* Underlying issues eg depression, anxiety, childhood abuse

* Looking at your feelings towards each other

* Deciding whether or not to stay together

* Preparing for marriage, discussing what is important to you both

You might like to read my article in Free Resources 'Couples Counselling - The Power of Listening'

Some of the areas that Families work with in counselling

During family therapy each person present has the opportunity to talk about what matters to them. To be heard and to hear each other.

* Relationship difficulties, for example between parent and child

* How people in the family speak and behave towards each other, for example kindly or rudely

* Concerns about children's behaviour at home, school, and when they are with friends

* One person in the family who seems to be causing all the problems

* Difficulties between parents, decisions to separate and divorce, how this affects each person in the family.

* The effects of culture and religion upon each person and the family as a whole. Opportunities for family members to express what is important to them, to hear each other and to work with their differences

* A death / suicide in the family, how individuals and the family as a whole is affected

* One or more members of the family using drugs / alcohol and how everyone is affected

* The impact of physical and mental health issues

* The impact of financial pressures

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