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Paula Newman BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor and Counsellor in Stanmore

Welcoming individuals, couples and families

You don't have to struggle alone. If you are considering counselling and would like to find out more, feel free to contact me without any obligation.

Tel:020 8930 9831 Mob: 07941 958 034 email

Talking to an experienced counsellor can be a great relief. Being listened to with warmth and understanding is often healing. You may gain new insights, fresh ways of moving forward and confidence in your own strengths. Counselling, Supervision and Focusing are in North West London, covering Stanmore, Harrow, Edgware, Pinner & Bushy. My approach is person-centred.

I work therapeutically with individuals, couples and families including adults, teens and children.
I counsel & supervise trainee and experienced therapists. I am an approved supervisor for Metanoia.
I teach Focusing and offer guided Focusing sessions.

Counselling in Harrow

People choose therapy for many reasons

  • The misery and loneliness of depression; Stress, anxiety, panic and fear; Feeling inadequate and doubting yourself: Shock and grief following a bereavement; The ending of a relationship; Anger and rage which might affect your bonds with family, friends and colleagues. Some people find that they are easily overcome by their emotions and want to work with this aspect of themselves.

  • Tensions within family relationships or as part of a couple.

  • Perhaps your life is different now due to illness, divorce, children leaving home, or retirement and you want to consider the changes, and look towards the future hopefully.

  • You might have experienced a traumatic event, or lived with the distress of ongoing trauma. The children of survivors can also be affected by their parents' past, including holocaust survivors.

  • You may be struggling with an addiction, having difficulties with eating, or affected emotionally by conditions such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.

  • If you have suffered abuse and bullying you can talk about your experiences and their impact. There is support for people who self harm or feel suicidal.

  • I also offer counselling in Harrow for self-development. You can explore your personality and your interactions with others, considering your growth socially, psychologically and spiritually.

  • You may wish to look at how you identify yourself. This can include your beliefs, values, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

    Counselling is a space for whatever matters to you. It is an opportunity to learn more about yourself as well as how you are and how you want to be in relationships with other people. Whilst we are together you might choose to step into painful and fearful areas of your life. If so I will be beside you and we will walk at your pace.

    For more information about counselling for individuals couples and families, including adults teens and children, please visit Counselling

    Counselling in Harrow covers Bushy, Stanmore, and Pinner, with daytime and evening appointments.

  • Supervision for counsellors and supervisors

    An opportunity for professional learning and personal growth

    During supervision practitioners explore their work and attend to their personal and professional development. Supervision is a professional requirement that helps you to meet the needs of clients and supervisees, and to also take good care of yourself. Together we reflect upon areas that are relevant to your practice, including any concerns and dilemmas that might occur. Supervision is also an opportunity to celebrate when something has gone well. I view supervision as a supportive relationship, that also encourages you to challenge yourself.

    I work with experienced and trainee therapists, as well as supervisors exploring their own supervisory practice.

    If you are BACP Accredited or planning to apply for BACP Accreditation you will need to show that you have had one and a half hours of supervision per calendar month.

    For more information please visit Supervision
    I am a BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor and counsellor in Stanmore.

    Focusing in North West London

    A gentle way of paying ourselves attention and discovering more.

  • Is there more to you than meets the eye?

  • Have you noticed an inner critical voice that puts you down?

  • Are you aware of a younger part of you that feels quite fragile?

  • Do you sense something protective that wants to keep you safe?

    You might like to know yourself at a deeper level, to understand what is going on inside, and to work with any areas that are causing stress and pain. You may discover fresh perspectives that can help if you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, trying to make a decision, struggling with intrusive thoughts or feeling that something inside is blocking you from taking an action such as changing jobs or starting a new relationship.

    Perhaps you have tried pushing difficult emotions away and changing how you feel, but the feelings just become stronger. With Focusing you can be in relationship with your feelings in an accepting and empathic way that allows them to change naturally.

    Focusing recognizes that our bodies know and can tell us what we need for physical and emotional health. Heavy eyes may be a clear sign that we need to sleep or perhaps our eyes are heavy with tears. Our bodies give us a great deal of information. Focusing helps us to notice our body's messages, to pause, and give space for more to emerge.

    For more information about Focusing in North West London please Contact me
    I am passionate about Focusing, I find it so helpful and I enjoy belonging to the world wide community.

  • Focusing Training in North West London

    British Focusing Association Certificate in Focusing Skills

    For people interested in personal development

    The Certificate is designed with the intention of gently reinforcing and furthering your development as Focuser and Companion, it encourages self-awareness and self-acceptance. You do not need to have had any experience to start. Learning in a group setting can be fun whilst also enhancing personal growth. Focusing workshops are in North West London. I am a Certified Trainer with the Focusing Institute and a recognized teacher with The British Focusing Association.

    For counsellors and therapists

    Focusing is a special way of listening to your inner self allowing for deeper insights and understandings. You can be more in touch with what you are experiencing whilst you are with clients adding to the quality of your work. There are also opportunities to consider bringing Focusing to your own practice and how this might be implemented. Having learnt the basics you might like to Focus during supervision. This can enhance reflections and bring fresh understandings.

    'Very enjoyable and something I would like to continue as I feel it will enhance my work as a person-centred therapist' Ros Lawson

    'Both days very impressive, empowering, useful and strangely simple yet complex! I enjoyed this course very much and feel I have a lot to take away with me both for myself and possibly to use in my hypnotherpy practice and 'talk your talk' sessions' Lyn Palmer

    More information about Focusing training in North West London

    Your Next Steps

    You are most welcome to call me on 07941 958 034 or 020 8930 9831

    If you are looking for a counsellor in Stanmore, please feel free to contact me for a chat without any obligation or send me an email

    You might like to arrange a free telephone consultation. This is different from a counselling session and can be helpful if you would like to consider your options in more detail.

    When ready you can arrange an appointment for:

    Counselling in Harrow - Individuals, Couples, and Families

    Supervision, face to face or by Skype - Trainee and experienced therapists

    Focusing face to face, by Skype or phone.

    Information about Prices and location


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    Paula Newman is a trainer, supervisor and counsellor in Stanmore HA7.

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